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Landlords in commercial and landlords in residential owner-occupied premises with no more than 2 rental units, follow a different set of rules than other residential landlords. Just as their residential counterparts, these landlords require time sensitive notices. In general, the law allows for eviction for the following reasons:


  • Tenant holds over after expiration of the lease

  • Tenant holds over after default or rent.

  • Disorderly conduct

  • Destruction of premises

  • Constant violation of the Landlord rules and regulations

  • Violation of covenants or agreements


Eviction of a residential tenant is a procedure driven precise process. Failure to comply with the requirements will likely end in invalidation of the eviction. There are notices that are required at specific intervals and specific reasons for eviction provided by the law. In general, the law allows for eviction for the following:


  • Not paying rent

  • Disorderly conduct that disturbs other tenants

  • Damage or destruction of the landlord’s property

  • Violation of landlord’s rules and regulations

  • Violation of lease agreement

  • Violation of public housing lease agreement provision prohibiting illegal use of drugs or other illegal activities

  • Not paying a rent increase

  • Housing or health code violations

  • Landlord wants to permanently retire building from residential use

  • Not accepting changes in the lease

  • Paying rent late month after month (habitual lateness)

  • Conversion to condominium or cooperative

  • The owner wants to live in the apartment or house

  • Tenant loses a job that includes rental unit

  • Conviction of a drug offense

  • Conviction of assaulting, attacking, or threatening the landlord

  • Engaging or being involved in drug activity, theft, or assaults or threats against a landlord

  • Conviction of theft offense

  • Human Trafficking

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